About Us


Being in residential, commercial, and industrial construction since 1998 I have found myself in the role of everything from operating a shovel to operations manager. During that time and having thousands of conversations with men and women both IN THE FIELD and IN THE OFFICE, I have learned a lot about leadership both on and off the job. 


  • What determines a good leader?

  • How can I become a better leader?

  • Where does my leadership role end?

I believe that true leadership is about serving others and I believe that it doesn't end when you clock out. Allow me to connect with your team with a delivery of messages through direct engagement for the most unique of experiences.





My battles with addiction started at the young age of 19 and developed well into my 30's. I've been at the bottom, I've been in the dark, I've been beaten and left lifeless in a ditch. I've lost it all - my marriage, my kids, my business - but I have also regained it through the grace of God and small changes in my life beginning with unrelentless truth. 

Everyone faces hard times and everyone deserves to see themselves as a lighthouse.


Let's get in touch and find a path of encouragement, truth, and light to help get you heading in the right direction. I would love to know more about you or your tribe and find out how we can serve better together.