Starting something new...

Starting something new is always scary. From sourcing materials for whatever it is you're going to do all the way down to having a vision of what it is you WANT to do is extremely tough.


Luckily for me the vision part was easy, although I do find it evolving every single day.


You see, what you think needs to happen and what God thinks needs to happen isn't always the same thing.


I knew I wanted to start a brand that would bring awareness to the blue-collar community and make a few bucks in the process. I even knew that I wanted to give a portion of it back to those in need... what I didn't realize was the hole and the void that what I was doing would help fill.


Since our inception we have sponsored everything from the local 4H to the local CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) group for children. We have sponsored motorcycle rides to benefit local residents suffering with cancer of various types. We have sponsored the Wounded Warriors Project to help veterans find their way back into a functional society.


What we have found is that by bringing this brand to existence we not only have the ability to bring awareness to the blue collar community... but we have the responsibility to help so many more.

God's plan for this is so much bigger than anything we could have imagined and we are thankful for it.


So to our friends and our family that supported us through the initial few months of this... thank you.

And to everyone else that has followed, shared, liked, commented and overall been supportive... thank you. We know that without your help and support we could not do what we are doing. Much Love, Matt