Our failures are always exactly what we need.

I’m gonna give just a little bit of a self exposing background here and get just a little bit vulnerable, so please don’t hold that against me.


In March of this year I approached Lindsey and told her I had this vision of starting an apparel brand.


I had four goals…


1. Raise awareness for the blue-collar community. There are people all over the world doing blue collar work, that truly have no idea what people on the other side of the world are doing. I aim to change that.


2. Give back. I am a giver by nature, we go to dinner and I put for random people’s meals all the time and take extra care not to let them know who it was. This.. has become a vessel to be able to give back more and on a much larger scale, and to be able to include you guys in the giving back.


3. Declare my patriotism. I absolutely love my country and I love those of you who have served and defended our rights to be here.


4. Obviously…. Make a few bucks.


Fast forward about 45 days… we had our first product in hand and a website to place it on. I can’t even elaborate on how proud I was.


And then I got a text… a good friend Justin who owns another apparel company reached out to me and pointed out that the flag hung backwards. The Union hung on the right instead of the left.


I was devastated.


I had completely missed it… as proud as I was to have accomplished all that we had done… as proud as I am of my country… I completely messed up, and on our very first product at that.


I wanted to burn it all down. I wanted to just hang my head, admit failure, and give up. How could I f*** up something so simple?


This was about the time that it done President Biden began talks about mandates.


And it hit me… what does a backwards hanging flag represent? A country in distress.


As bad as I wanted to burn it down, I realized that it was absolutely perfect.


Inadvertently - It fit everything that I believed in, as badly as I hated it.


So, we left it in circulation… and you know what? I’ve had people reach out to me in appreciation of recognizing that we as a country are in distress. I’ve had no one reach out to me upset about disgraced our country’s flag.


Sometimes the world speaks to you.. you just have to listen.


If anyone is interested in one of these shirts, please by all means head to the website and pick one (or two) up. It means more to me than you probably know.


And as far as the giving back… just know that a portion of every single purchase goes to the Mike Rowe Works Foundation.


Much Love y’all - and God bless this country, we need it now more than ever.