Date Night

Guys… take her out to dinner.


I have worked on the road for quite a while now, and being away from home never gets any easier. It gets lonely, it gets scary, it gets frustrating.

And if you say it doesn’t bother you, well you and I both know you’re a liar.


I can’t tell you how many struggles my wife and I have faced in just three years of being together. And I assure you, I am NOT perfect and I am NOT easy to be with.


I’m bullheaded, stubborn, I keep things inside, and I’m always right.


I’m human… aren’t we all?


I’m not home all the time, and believe me it’s challenging for both of us… but learning to appreciate your time together is what makes the connection.


It took me less than 10 minutes use Google, find a city, pick a venue, and make a reservation.


The food sucked, it was overpriced, and generally was not our “style”


But that 10 minutes of effort show commitment.


You’re going to find coaches and mentors that tell that you MUST prioritize a date night once a week or your relationship WILL fail… But for the working man out there, it’s just not feasible sometimes. Hell, for a lot of us we‘re not even home every week.

I know first hand how hard it is to commit to a “date night” once a week. For my wife and I, it’s impossible… but what IS possible is committing to the time you DO have together.


Make the reservation, put the damn phone down, and commit. 10 minutes of effort will pay dividends, but you can’t expect a return if you’re not willing to make the investment.


I will be opening up a private Facebook group for people dealing with struggles in their own lives.

It isn’t easy being a working man or woman these days and society has basically told us to suck it and carry on. We deal with things wether you’re a blue-collar worker or not that sometimes we don’t understand.

Sometimes we can’t get out of our own heads.


Drugs, relationships, businesses, and just life in general…


This group is private, it’s there to lend guidance and accountability. It’s there for people just like you, no matter who you are.

We are stronger together.

if this group sounds like something you may be interested in, shoot me an email at


At this time there is no charge for the group.